1. General
      • By register to use any products and services provided by 918Kiss website, you are certifying that you are 18 years old or above, you are completely understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions applicable to our betting products or services, and you are deemed to have understood and accepted all the terms and conditions.
      • 918Kiss reserves the right to amend the “Terms and Conditions” anytime without prior notification. Such amendments will effective and in force immediately upon being posted in 918Kiss website. It is your responsibility to review the “Terms and Conditions” on a regular basis. Your continued use of the Site after a change or update has been made to “Terms and Conditions” will constitute your acceptance of such change or update.
      • In case of contradiction between a provision of this Agreement and any provision on the 918Kiss website, the provision of this Agreement shall prevail.


  1. Member Betting Account
      • Account Registration
        • You are only allowed to have one registered account on 918Kiss. If you have register more than one account, all accounts that you have opened will be subject to be closed or blocked. 918Kiss reserve the right to suspend or terminate all the accounts or either to allow one single member account and the rest of the accounts shall be closed or blocked. Your funds and winnings maybe forfeited from the member accounts.
        • You are responsible to make sure that your laws applicable and/or do not prohibit you to register account, accessing the website, play and downloading and installing the software.
        • You understand that by participating and play in the Games, you are aware and agree the risk of losing money deposited into your betting account.
        • You are not allowed to be involved in any fraudulent, fixing, collusive/collusion (i.e. chip dumping) or other unlawful activity in relation to your participation in any of the games, products and applications and shall not use any software assisted methods such as robot, techniques or software/hardware devices for your participation in any of the games, products and applications.
        • You must keep your password confidential. All bets wagered will stand if your username and password have been entered correctly (login success) whether or not authorized by you or acted on behalf. You shall not allow any other person or third party including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse your 918Kiss account, access and/or use any materials or information from the 918Kiss Website, accept any prize, or Play at 918Kiss. You are solely responsible for any purchases and/or losses incurred by yourself or a third party on your 918Kiss
        • All information that you have provided and registered in the system is true, complete and correct, and that you shall immediately notify 918Kiss of any changes of such information.
        • You are responsible for reporting and accounting for any taxes applicable to you under your relevant laws for any winnings that you receive from 918Kiss


    • Account Closure and Suspension

2.2.1  918Kiss reserves the right to close or suspend your account for any reason whatsoever at any time without notice to you. Any balance in your account at the time of such cancellation will be refunded to you using a method of payment as determined by 918Kiss. However, 918Kiss reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to void any winnings and forfeit any balance in your 918Kiss account or any other winnings or entitlements you might otherwise have or have had from your 918Kiss account and your use of 918Kiss services or/and Play.

  1. Funds Deposit & Withdrawal
    • Deposit

3.1.1 Depositor name must be same as the registered name on 918Kiss account

3.1.2 All online banking/ATM/CDM deposit must claim within 24 hours after deposited, unclaimed deposit within timeframe will be forfeited

3.1.3 Your deposit is subject to one time rollover and or otherwise stated by 918Kiss that such rollover restriction is waived. You need to satisfy on the one time rollover requirement before you can request for a withdrawal. If the value of the deposit is not played through in full before a withdrawal is requested, and if you has claimed any bonuses during the promotion, where 918Kiss will deduct any bonuses that you claimed from the promotions, winnings, and 918Kiss may charge payment fees when processing your withdrawal request. If necessary, the value of the withdrawal amount maybe reduced accordingly.

3.1.4 The system will reject your withdrawal request if the value of the deposit is not played and or satisfy on the rollover requirement before a withdrawal is requested. You can only start betting once you have deposit into your account and transfer funds into your betting wallet.

3.1.5 Deposit into your account may incur charges from your bank, financial institution and or third-party payment provider. You agree to bear all the deposit transaction fee and or otherwise stated and informed by 918Kiss that such transaction fee is bear by 918Kiss when depositing into your account.

3.1.6 You should only deposit money into your betting account for the purpose of you to place bets on the website. 918Kiss will suspend or close your account if we reasonably consider or have reason to believe that you have violated any of 918Kiss Terms and Conditions and/or believe that you have any intention to act fraudulent on 918Kiss website or other alternative/given URLs. In such circumstances, we shall be entitled to forfeit or claim and/or debit any winnings, bonus promotion, rebates, rewards and transaction fees from your account.

3.1.7 If mistakenly credit or duplicate transaction where your deposit value increase due to the incorrect credit due to human error, technical and/or system error, 918Kiss without prejudice to use other remedies to claim and deduct the extra value credited into your account. Where you have already used the extra value or withdrawn from an account that does not belong to you, 918Kiss reserve the rights to claim from the debt owed by you to 918Kiss.

3.2 Withdrawal

3.2.1 Withdrawal can only be made in the name of and to the registered account holder.

3.2.2 Maximum withdrawal is 3 times per day

3.2.3 Where possible, all withdrawals request will be processed to the payment account from which the deposits were made unless otherwise stated and informed by 918Kiss.

3.2.4 You need to login into their account and select withdrawal on the website. Withdrawal submission is subject to your account is sufficient funds at the time of request.

3.2.5 918Kiss reserve the right to cancel, claim and charge you for the relevant amounts incurred if we incur any chargeback.

3.2.6 918Kiss may request identification and valid documents in perform due diligence in respect to withdrawal request.

3.2.7 Withdrawals can incur charges depending on your preferred choice or method. 918Kiss does not charge you any withdrawal fee. You should be advice to check from your own bank account if there is any handling fee being incur.

3.2.8 You are responsible for reporting your winnings and losses for tax purposes in their own jurisdiction.

3.3.9 Withdrawal for member who claims for promotion will take more than 30 minutes to process for some verification checking purpose.

3.3.10 The request withdrawal amount shall be debited from your account upon submission. Click on “cancel£ under the withdrawal if you want to cancel on your withdrawal request before 918Kiss processes your transaction. No withdrawal cancellation can be submitted thereafter from you should the withdrawal transaction have been made and on the way to your bank account and/or your preferred made.


  1. Member Promotions

4.1 918Kiss promotions and bonuses are limited to one person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same bank account holder name, IP address unless otherwise stated under specific conditions and you are require to request for approval to have more than one account under the conditions approved by 918Kiss and at our sole and absolute discretion. Your account will be subject to 918Kiss verification and approval. 918Kiss reserve the right to allow/approve and or to suspend/close the accounts.

4.2 918Kiss reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer to any member or a group/syndicate member at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion.

4.3 You need to read, understand and agreed on all the promotions terms and conditions (T&C) provided on each of the promotion. If any of the promotion T&C is breached or there is any evidence of you acted in fraudulent or intentionally by placing a series of bets placed, collusion or chip dumping by a member or a group/syndicate/professional members which due to a deposit bonus, rebates, free bets or any other promotional offer. 918Kiss reserve the right to claim, void and or cancel of such offers, winnings and payment fees from your account and/or group accounts.

  1. Settlement & Payout

5.1 Settlement

5.1.1 All bets are subject to the Sports and Games Rules including minimum and maximum stakes amount set out in each product terms.

5.1.2 918Kiss reserve the right to suspend a market and/or cancel any bet at any time due to error. 918Kiss also reserve the right to cease betting on any markets, games or product at any time without notice.

5.1.3 918Kiss reserves the right to voided or recalculated and or adjusted from member account if there is an incorrect result being resulted and settled to member account or any error or mistake that identify by 918Kiss. The unforeseen error due to a technical or human error or otherwise stated, the amount still remains property of 918Kiss.

5.1.4 Where there is an event without an official “off” declared, the advertised kick off time of the event will be deemed the “off”. In a scenario where bet is inadvertently accepted after an event started other than “Live In-Running” betting whereas clearly stated on the website, bets will stand providing the final outcome is not known at the time the bet was placed and confirmed. If the outcome of the event is known, 918Kiss reserves the right to void the bet, win or lose.

5.1.5 “Live In-Running” (Live in Running, Betting in Running, Live in Play) event or match, in an event where we have reason to believe that a bet is placed after the outcome of an event or match is known. 918Kiss reserve the right to void the event/match or the bet, win or lose.

5.1.6 If there is evidence of a series of bets, bets on both side, or containing the same selection(s) having been placed by or for the same member or group/syndicate, 918Kiss reasonably believe with any reason the member has acted to fraud the system and website, 918Kiss reserve the right to suspend and/or close account, void, cancel and withhold any pending withdrawal.

5.1.7 Please make sure that all your details of your bets are correct before you confirm your bets. No cancellation or change in your bets once your request is confirmed.

5.1.8 Bets will only accept and confirmed if there are sufficient funds and funds are valid in your account. Where bets are accepted if member account received an unauthorized funds or funds sudden increase in your account balance due to technical error, incorrect crediting, all bets will be voided and cancelled on any win/lose.

5.1.9 If there is a dispute arises, you and 918Kiss agree that the 918Kiss transaction log from the system will be the ultimate decision.

  1. Privacy Policy

6.1 This Privacy Policy describes the way in which 918Kiss deal with your information and data you provide to us to enable us to manage your participation in our products and games and overall functioning and operations of the system and website.

6.2 You hereby agree, acknowledge and consent to 918Kiss processing your personal information and data for the purpose of allowing you to access, account registration and use the website and in order to allow you to participate in our products and games to provide services to you.

6.3 918Kiss will only use your personal information and data to allow you to participate in the products and games and to carry out operations relevant to your participation in the games and verification procedures of your account.

6.4 By submitting your information and data to us and using the website, you hereby consent to all such disclosures between companies belonging to 918Kiss (including but not limited to cross-brand selling, suppliers, payment gateway) may be responsible for certain parts of the overall functioning and operations of the system and website as set out in this Privacy Policy.
Your personal information and data may be use together with other information for the purpose of:

(a) Related to payment transactions including offline and online payments

(b) Bets transactions

(c) Managing member account and building up member profiles

(d) Complying with our legal and regulatory duties

(e) Member research, surveys and analyses

(f) Promotional offers and our products and services

(g) Monitoring member transactions for the purpose of preventing fraud, irregular betting activities, money laundering, bonus abuser, collusion and cheating

6.5 Our Member Support may contact you via telephone call, email, short text message (SMS) and/or through any communication channels. If telephone calls to and from our Member Support team are recorded for training and security purposes along with the resolution of any inquiry from the service you receive.

6.6 Cookies contact information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. Some of the cookies we use are necessary for the website to operate. Please click on delete cookies from your browser if you want to delete any cookies already stored on your computer.

6.7 Any changes we make to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page and will become effective with immediate effect.

6.8 918Kiss may publish details about your specific winnings on the website under the “Winners” page and specific marketing collateral (example: newsletter, banner). Such publications will include the member “Username” and the amount won.

  1. Betting Procedures

In this section will refer to the rules in general and for specific products and games in addition to the specific products rules which are found in a separate link from this page.

918Kiss will not be liable and given absolute discretion to void, cancel and rectify the error(s) if there is an error or any errors in respect of your bets including where in:

 (a) Related to Casino

  1. Casino Games
    • 918Kiss shall accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed alleged to have arisen or in connection with website or its contents; including and without limitation on any downtime, server disruptions, lagging on live video streaming, communication or internet line failure, errors and omissions in contents or any technical interruption to the game play.
    • 918Kiss is not liable if you experiencing slow in your internet connection service, interruption from your internet service provider and computer/browser issue which you are experiencing slow/lagging in receiving our live video streaming.
    • Incorrect result due to human or system error – your bets will be refunded.
    • In the event after you have made a bet and confirmed, is interrupted by a failure of the communications system or a failure of the member’s communication or computer system that prevents you from continuing to bet, the bet shall conclude on its own and on the restoration of the system you may view the outcome of your bet in your “My Account” pages.
    • In the event of a casino system malfunction all bets are deemed void.
  1. Random Number Generated Games (RNG)
  • 918Kiss will not be liable for any error occurs in RNG, pay tables, jackpots (slots) included, incorporated or used in any game or product.
  • Your bet will stand if you either intention and or intentionally remove the power cable, close the browser, close the game application or download application, logout from the account and/or plug-out your internet cable before and/or during the game play and the game is in the position to start and/or before resulted, or due to your telecommunication error or slow in connection, and is a confirmed bet. The confirmed bet shall conclude on its own once after resulted with outcome and on the restoration of the system you may view the outcome of your bet in “My Account” pages.
  • 918Kiss is not liable if you experiencing slow and or interruption in your internet connection service, and your computer/browser issue which you may experiencing games disconnection.
  • In the event of a casino system malfunction all bets are deemed void.
  • System Bots/Machine or artificially program to play in the Casino RNG is prohibited entirely including real money and play for fun.

 (c) Games Software & Technology

8.1 918Kiss is the sole owner of the trademark, tagline and 918Kiss logo. Any unauthorized use of the software, trademark, logo and tagline may result in prosecution.

8.2 In certain 918Kiss products offered on the website may need you to download some software or applications. Also, certain third party product providers may require you to agree to additional T&C governing the use of their products. 918Kiss do not accept any liability in respect of any third party software. Do not use the relevant third party software if you do not accept those third party T&C.

8.3 You are only permitted to use any and all software made available to you via 918Kiss website and other alternative URLs for the purpose of using products and games on the website and, save to extent permitted by applicable law.

8.4 You are not allowed and in any way to copy, modify, reproduce and or otherwise make such software, source code and contents or similar to looks like the primary 918Kiss website (for example, phishing site) on another website or via any form of bulletin board. You are not permitted to access and bypass 918Kiss security software and system and or interfere in anyway including but not limited to robots, and similar devices.

8.5 You are not permitted to links to the website and of the pages and or other alternate URLs without the prior written consent of 918Kiss.

8.6 You do not own the software. The software is owned and is the exclusive property of 918Kiss and third party software Provider Company. Any third party software provider which has been licensed to 918Kiss are proprietary products of the software. Your use of the software does not provide you the ownership of any intellectual property rights in the software. Any unauthorized use or reproduction may be prosecuted.

8.7 918Kiss do not warrant that the software will meet your requirements and including the third party software and internet service provider; the operation of the software and or internet service provider will be error free and or interrupted.

8.8 If there is any system errors occurring in any of the features, functions or components of the software, neither 918Kiss nor the third party software provider will have any liability to you in respect of such errors. 918Kiss reserve the right to suspend or remove all relevant products and to take action to correct such errors.

8.9 918Kiss will endeavor to ensure that the website and/or other alternate URLs is available 24 hours a day. 918Kiss will take necessary measurement and action to ensure the website and the services or products available.

8.10 Member, or group/syndicate or individual party not allowed to misuse the Website by introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, or any harmful hardware/software technology. You must not attack our Website via a denial-of-service attack. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS), viruses or any harmful hardware/software technology.

  1. Liability

9.1 918Kiss do not accept any liability for any losses, damages, incidental or otherwise, arising in relation to your use of the website, products and systems (software/applications) and your participation in the games.

9.2 918Kiss endeavour to make sure that all the information gave on the website is right at the time of published. 918Kiss do not warrant the accuracy of the information on the website without any conditions, warranties or other terms of any kind.

9.3 Your access to the website and other alternative URLs at your own responsibility and risk.

9.4 You hereby agree to completely indemnify and hold harmless 918Kiss, its directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any damages, loss, claims and liabilities caused that may arise in relation to your use of the website, other alternative URLs, systems and software (applications).

  1. Account Safety

10.1 918Kiss is developed with your personal privacy and safety as our primary concern. 918Kiss is regulated and will not disclose your personal information while deploying the highest standards of data encryption to any third party entity unless needed to do so by applicable laws and regulations or a court order.

10.2 918Kiss reserve the rights to disclose and transfer your personal data to our respective payment settlement service providers and financial institutions that is necessary for the completion of payments for services provided through our website.

10.3 918Kiss has the sole rights to refuse freebet to a member if 918Kiss reasonably believes that such customer has historically abused by any reason including from technical issue or to defraud the 918Kiss account and safety system.